Warriors Who Win – 2011

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Warriors Who Win: Daring & Different

Warriors Come in Various Forms

Some are in the Military, many in Sports,
some in Business and others in the Arts

Why are they so Eminent & Successful?

Transformation Magic:
Charismatic Power; a Renegade Nature;
Eccentric Behavior; and Mythical-Hero-Mentoring Mentality

“Patton was a Powerful Potentate
who took no prisoners”

“Geronimo had a Peripatetic Prairie Power
used to avenge the murders of his family”

“Joan of Arc was an Androgynous lady
with a pre-ordained heavenly power”

“Napoleon was an Ego-Maniac
with a Passion for Power”

Dr. Gene studied the lives, motivations and achievements of the world’s greatest warriors and his new work looks into their successes and excesses but mostly into the underlying factors that led them to eminence. What were the psychological variables in their ascendance to the pinnacle of power? Here are some of what led them to fame and fortune:

– Alexander was really Achilles
– Attila told his men kill or be killed
– Saint Joan was a girl acting like a man
– Catherine the Great was Passion Personified
– Cortes was Conquistador willing to die so to win
– Napoleon was a visionary who saw more than others
– Goyathlay became Geronimo due to an indomitable will
– Gandhi’s Paradox – He was unable to be bribed or bought
– Dayan’s eye-patch separated him and made him a heroic-icon
– Mao Zedung stopped bathing and sleeping so he could live more
– Charismatic Courage made George Patton into Old Blood & Guts

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