Prometheus 2000 – 1997

Product Description

Prometheus 2000
Truth – Vision – Power

This action-filled novel is set in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of electronics where the future of computers is played out between Big Yellow and a Far East Carte. Would America lose cyberspace as they lost consumer electronics some years earlier? Undoubtedly, if the self-serving bureaucrats are allowed to sacrifice the future for a safe present. The story is a philosophic exploration into the motivations of those in power and visionaries. The myopic politicians are steeped in self-serving while the visionaries have their feet firmly planted in outer space. One mortgages the future for the present the other mortgages the present for the future. Who is right? Neither but Zapman pursues truth a hard to find commodity among the bureaucrats. The story is all about using and losing. Superhero Zapman and his love interest Valerie Vision fight to salvage truth from their adversary Lou Zur a woman adroit at sleep4ng her way to the top. Zapman’s mystical powers overcome drugging, blackmail and seduction in the name of Truth, which wins out over lust, greed, and avarice. Zapman is a Promethean spirit who steals fear from the bureaucratic gods and delivers it back to man in the form of freedom.

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