Paranoia & Power – 2007

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Paranoia & Power: Fear & Fame

Is Your Life a Comedy or Tragedy?
Get Crazy, to Get Creative!

In this book you will learn to use inner fear to find fame and fortune; ideas to zap mental baggage; and discover guidelines for personal transformation.

We’re only as healthy or sick as our deepest fears!

Dr. Gene’s Laws of Iconic Empowerment

Tragedy Fuels Triumph – Judy Garland shows that what doesn’t kill us, makes us.
Comedy is a Catalyst for Creativity – Robin Williams’ used jokes to feel safe.
Sexual Energy is Seductive – Elvis used Sexual Energy to captivate millions.
Kinetic-Energy Empowers – Sammy Davis, Jr. Flash-Danced for positive energy.
Ignore Effete Experts – Irving Berlin didn’t listen and White Christmas prevailed.
Titans are Tenacious – Shania Twain persevered to become Crossover Queen.
Dance to a Different Drummer – Frank Sinatra was a Maverick Mega-Star.
Be a Philosophic Muse – Bob Dylan used credos to become the Prophet of Protest.
Charisma = Magnetic Attraction – Bono used ardor to attract disciples.
Obsessive Zealots Make it Big – Richard Burton overindulged to mask fears.
Synthesize to Success – Madonna transformed herself into her opposite.
Walk the Edge to have an Edge – Jack Nicholson used risk as a weapon.
Imagination Spawns Magic – Steven Spielberg used fantasy to zap terror.
Each of the above qualities/traits is the subject of one chapter in the book and includes a Self-Assessment test for the reader to measure themselves against the entertainment icon featured in that chapter.

Lose your Mind to Make Sense!

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