Entrepreneurial Genius – 2004

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Entrepreneurial Genius:
The Power of Passion

Dr. Gene’s Laws of Entrepreneurship are explored through the lives and achievements of twelve of the world’s most eminent entrepreneurs from Coco Chanel – voted greatest female entrepreneur of the 20th century and Henry Ford with the same accolades for males. Sam Walton, Richard Branson, Donald Trump Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell and Martha Stewart offer insight into the Great American Dream of starting with little and ending up with a lot. All became billionaires. Included is a self-assessment to find if you are suited to operate your own business.

The laws of eminence are as follows:
HENRY FORD – Failure was never debilitating so he succeeded.
SAM WALTON – Was willing to try what others feared by breaking rules.
J. PAUL GETTY – Push limits to become limitless.
COCO CHANEL – Queen of androgyny who attacked her weaknesses.
HUGH HEFNER – You can’t conquer world’s you can’t envision.
RICHARD BRANSON – Communications [branding] his fuel to billions.
DONALD TRUMP – Thinks big to be big, not always nice but works .
BUCKY FULLER – Taught us to never, ever to do anything just for $.
ROSS PEROT – Ego power led to fame and fortune.
JEFF BEZOS – Ignored the self-serving preaching of so-called experts.
MARTHA STEWART – Passion was her pathway to an empire.
MICHAEL DELL – Dropped Med School to chase his own dreams.

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