Eight Keys to Greatness – 1999

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Eight Keys to Greatness
How to Unlock Your Hidden Potential

This is a non-fiction work on the lives and behavioral characteristics of forty preeminent visionaries who changed the world by daring to be different. The subjects encompass a Wide range of disciplines including the Arts [Picasso & Ann Rice]: Business [Bill Gates, & Helena Rubinstein]: Humanities [Mother Teresa & Martin Luther King); Politics [Catherine the Great & Mao Zedung]: Science [Einstein & Madam Curie]: and Sports (Michael Jordan & Babe Didrickson Zaharias]. Others included are Darwin, Karl Marx, Freud, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Margaret Mead, Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss and Frank Lloyd Wright. This book can be read as a proscription for personal success, as a biographical history of greatness or as a guide to raising children to be creative and innovative since Landrum concludes, “there is no genetic predisposition to greatness.” Enjoy the journey.

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