ON TRUTH – “What is “truth” becomes “false” with higher levels of learning”

ON BEING CORRECT – “Those who have to be Correct cannot be Creative since correct originates from a need to be safe and creative emanates from freedom”

MENTAL MYOPIA – “Your Kryptonite is in your mind”

PASSIONATE PERFORMANCE – “If your ideas do not pass life’s Tumescence Test, they are probably not worth much. Get excited or find another playground and playmate”

ON BUSINESS – “If it ain’t broke, break it!”

ON LIFE’S GREATEST DANGER – “Be careful of your talents. What makes you is probably what will break you!”

ON COMPETITION – “Aim at your adversaries greatest weakness. Never allow someone to beat you with their strength.”

ON LEADERSHIP – “There are but three types of leaders -RISK-TAKERS, CARE-TAKERS, UNDER-TAKERS – otherwise known as Visionaries, Bureaucrats, Losers.”

ON ENTREPRENEURS – “Visionaries are always willing to sacrifice the present for a better future, myopics always sacrifice the future for instant-gratification, thus they have no future.”

ON CREATIVITY – “Creativity comes in CANS, ineptitude in CANNOTS!”

ON GREATNESS – “Normal people achieve normally, but it takes an abnormal person to achieve abnormally.”

ON ACHIEVEMENT – “Excess is the mistress of all progress.”

ON PERSONAL POWER – “To find the true source of personal power walk into the bathroom and gaze into the mirror.”

ON PURSUIT OF DREAMS – “If you don’t have a viable dream any path will get you there – but why go?”

ON SUCCESS IN COMBAT – “Remove head and engage body since muscle-memory knows the path to victory and the mind only interferes with its ability to function optimally.”

ON INNOVATION – “Innovation cannot be quantified and those who worship budgets as bibles are destined to fail. It is akin to putting a fence around your personnel, making them sheep instead of tigers!”

ON INSPIRATION – “Get up from your desk and head to the beach since that is the only way to turn off your left brain and give your right the chance to function without monitoring.”

ON FEAR – “Most people worship at the altar of surety, the cost is opportunity!”

ON GENIUS – “Dumb people never learn from their mistakes, smart people do, but it takes a genius to learn from others mistakes.”

ON EXPERTS – “Never, ever listen to an expert. Why? Because they have such a psychological investment in what IS they are never able to see what might BE!”

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