Dr. Landrum is a high-tech startup specialist turned author, educator and marketing consultant. He is an entrepreneur who created the Chuck E. Cheese concept of family entertainment among other successful new start-up ventures in which he launched hundreds of new products in various industries. Gene has the unique ability to envision market opportunities and quantify them with expertise in Organizational Planning, Strategic Marketing and Sales Penetration Strategies all disciplines he teaches in grad and undergraduate schools and that appear in his twelve books.
CREDENTIALS: Landrum has produced plans resulting in hundreds of millions in capital investment in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois and Ohio. He is uniquely qualified to define strategic market opportunities with the ability to document them for new funding ventures or for international expansion.

AVAILABILITY: Dr. Landrum is available on a daily, weekly, monthly or project basis for new product marketing, distribution and fund raising. Landrum sits on the board of the Venture Forum in Naples, Florida. The following packages include 90 days consulting with potential investors or partners unless out-of-town travel is required.

A 15-page strategic marketing opportunity plan that includes: product definition and promotional strategy, pricing, packaging and correct segmentation and distribution strategies. Your plan finished with 5-year sales projections and break-even analysis with a comprehensive Executive Summary. Allow 30-days for completion.

Consulting (per day) on professional or personal issues.

This is a 20-page plan for a new product or company launch that includes a Marketing Plan complete with funding strategy. It will detail the Best Case, Expected Case and Worst Case scenarios plus a plan for debt or equity financing that may include a Subscription Agreement for investors desirous of owning stock. Allow six weeks for completion and editing of this package.

This is a 25-page document including market segmentation strategies, organizational structure, training program, Fee and Royalty strategy, Licensing Agreement plus the above BOA information. Package includes proper solicitation proposals and Licensing Agreements plus testing for potential Licensees or VC’s. Allow 60 days for completion.


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