Dr. Gene’s Psycho-Babble for Wannabe’s

“Empowerment is an external manifestation of Internal Drive.”

“Success comes packaged in CANS; Failure in CANNOTS!”

“Beware the Expert. They have such a psychological investment in what “is” they are incapable of seeing “what might be”.”

“All truth becomes false with greater knowledge and awareness.”

“You’re Kryptonite is in your mind.”

“Hypomania is the fuel of the world’s superstars.”

“Passion with Purpose is the Panacea of Productivity.”

“If you want to enjoy life’s rainbows; learn to deal with the rain.”

“Pass life’s Tumescence Test or suffer from a mediocrity syndrome.”

 “You can only win what you’re willing to bet; no big wins w/o big bets.”

“Keep doin what you’re doin and you’ll keep gettin what you’re gettin!”

  “Creativity is inversely related to being Correct Inhibition is the enemy.”

“If you don’t know you Can, You Can’t; If you don’t know you Can’t, you Can.”

All quotes from Dr. Gene Landrum’s books.


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